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The Audatex Service Desk is your first port of call for any system-related issue. Our team deals with many varied queries from our users and whenever they are unable to assist, the matter will be escalated to the right team for response.

Many of the calls and emails to the Audatex Service Desk can be resolved quickly and easily. Below are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions, which may provide the answer to your problem, click on any of the FAQs to find a resolution.

Can I get a test ID to try out Audatex before signing the contract?

Yes, you may experience our system before signing the official contract. Please contact us to get your test ID. (Tel: +603 2261 4223; email:

Do I need to install Java to run Audatex Platform?

Yes, you need to install Java for your browser in order to use Audatex Platform. You can download Java from for free.

What if I lose the username and password that Audatex issued?

Audatex is a web-based service that users can simply use username and password to login. If you lost your username and password, please contact our technical support.

Can I use VIN number check-up for every vehicle in the system?

VIN number look up is available on most of the European brands; however, it's not available on some Japanese and US brands. We will continue to update the VIN number through future system updates.

Will I still get right estimation if vehicle chassis number is not available in the system?

Even if the VIN number is not available, you can still select the model and sub-model vehicles with unique, details options that will be able to provide accurate information to get a quotation.

Why some car models are not in your system?

It will take about two to three months for Audatex Data Development Center to develop a new model after received detailed information from OEM. Also, for some old models with low market share, Audatex system may not have completed the development of those models.

Can I attach car accident pictures?

Yes, you can attach car accident pictures.

What is the meaning of KN maintenance code in the estimation report?

Audatex system includes more options than general OEM service manual, so there are some fixing jobs without standard OEM labour time. Audatex indicated those jobs using KN code, the codes means that Audatex input labour time through logical analysis of existing research results or similar car models.

Can't find the answer? Please contact the service deck by phone, email or submitting the form below where our experts in Audatex software application and vehicle data are on hand to answer your queries promptly. 

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